License to Lillard, Ep. 1 – ‘The Beginning’ (VIDEO)

“Throughout the college season, you see guys from big schools on TV all the time and they’ll have interviews on TV and you’ll kind of get a feel for who they are. A guy like me, I don’t play on ESPN. I feel like for fans of the NBA or people that pay close attention to the Draft, they’ll really get a chance to get to know me.” —Damian Lillard

It’s time to get acquainted with Weber State PG Damian Lillard—the top rated point guard in the 2012 NBA Draft. The new web series, License to Lillard, takes you on his Draft preparation journey, from his final days at Weber State to the start of his strength and conditioning training. From the creators of Nate Robinson’s State of Nate, these webisodes provide an all-access look into the life of Oakland’s next great PG. Say tuned for more.