Lou Williams Drops Record-Breaking 50 Points in Drew League Debut

by July 17, 2017

One of the newest Clippers showed out in his first Drew League game over the weekend, as Sweet Lou Williams dazzled fans with a 50-burger in LA Unified’s 115-89 win. Lou took awhile to get going but when he does—as you can see in the video above—it’s incredible, as he drills long triple after long triple right over defenders.

He was sent to the Clippers in the Chris Paul trade and if his unofficial Los Angeles debut is any indication, his microwave scoring ways are going to play just fine in the City of Angels.

Lou, like former Clipper Jamal Crawford, is a regular on the pro-am circuit and has the perfect game for leagues like the Drew. There are very few NBA players who can get as hot as quickly as Lou Will can.

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