Marcus Morris: ‘I Wouldn’t Say a Damn Word if I Was Down 3-1’

by May 08, 2018

With tempers flaring Monday night, Marcus Morris repeatedly reminded Joel Embiid that Boston held a 3-0 series lead over Philadelphia.

Embiid and the Sixers trimmed the Celtics’ lead with a 103-92 win, but Morris says that’s no reason for the big fella to start yapping.

The C’s return home for Game 5 Wednesday night with a chance to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals.


“S—, I’m ready to go now,” Morris said. “They had a lot to say in here. They did what they’re supposed to do. They got one. S—, we did what we’re supposed to do, we got one [on the road]. So we’ll go back 3-1 and hopefully we put it away.”

Asked to explain his hand gestures to Embiid, Morris said, “Because it’s reality. It’s hard because I know I wouldn’t say a damn word if I was down 3-1. But, hey, we’re all different. So it is what it is.”

Embiid also had a flareup with Celtics guard Terry Rozier during the first half that resulted in double technical fouls. Sixers forward Ben Simmons said Embiid tends to feed off that energy.

“The way Jo handles himself on the floor is great. He feeds off the energy, so for somebody to frustrate him and get under his skin, he goes harder when he gets to the rim,” said Simmons. “When people try to annoy him and frustrate him, he wants to be great and you can see it.”