Matt Bonner Channels Andy Kaufman in ‘Mighty Mouse’ Skit (VIDEO)

San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner paid tribute to the late, great Andy Kaufman by performing the “Mighty Mouse” theme. Bonner did Kaufman’s famous bit at last week’s Tux ‘N Tennis gala. Per the Express-News (via @LukeyBonner):

“Andy Kaufman was ahead of his time,” Bonner said. “He was on a different level. In a weird way, I relate to Andy Kaufman. I don’t even know. Just something about it spoke to me. Bottom line, it’s a hilarious skit.”

At least one teammate knew what Bonner was doing: Manu Ginobili, who learned about Kaufman through Jim Carey’s biopic “Man in the Moon.”

Said Manu Ginobili, “I liked it. I’d seen it because of Jim Carey and that movie. Before that I didn’t know who Andy Kaufman was. But that part was very funny. If there’s somebody to do that, it’s definitely Matt.”