Maverick Carter: ‘LeBron Will Be Owning a Basketball Team’

According to Maverick Carter, ten years from now, “LeBron will be owning a basketball team.”

James’ longtime business partner says LeBron has also looked into NFL team ownership once his NBA playing days come to an end.

James currently owns a 2% stake in England’s Liverpool soccer club.

Per Variety:

After signing a four-year $153 million deal to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James may already be thinking about his streams of revenue after retiring from the NBA. According to Maverick Carter, his business partner, James is looking to own a U.S. professional sports franchise, likely either basketball or football.

“He does like football and he’s looked at football ownership, so he’ll be owning a basketball team and running it,” Carter told Variety’s Audrey Cleo.

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