Meet 2HYPE: The YouTube Basketball Factory 🏀

by July 02, 2018

The 2HYPE House is here for the long haul, creating fun content around basketball online and in real life. From playing NBA 2K or Fortnite on the couch to challenging fans to dunk contests, 2Hype is doing it all! The crew is a group of dynamic creators who share a house and play games of their choice while living their best life! Catch the adventures of Jesser, CashNasty, Kristopher London, TDSports, LosPollosTV, Jeidel, ZackTTG, 50KalMal and the rest of the crew on YouTube. Check the video above out as SLAM takes you behind the scenes of the 2Hype house, 2Hype merch and their creative process.

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