Michael Jordan ‘Pretty Sure’ He Can Beat the Hornets 1-on-1 (VIDEO)

by June 15, 2015

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan used to lace up his kicks and play hoops with his young team, occasionally challenging and beating them in one-on-one battles.

MJ, 52, is confident that he can still take them on.

To preserve their fragile egos, however, Jordan says he will “stay away from them”—catch Mike’s trash talking at the 2:59 mark of the video clip above.

Per L’ÉQUIPE (via CBS Sports):

Do you think you can play against some of your guys right now? Do you sometimes do that or not? Could you win on one-on-ones against them?


Jordan: “I’m pretty sure I can, so I don’t want to do that and demolish their confidence. So I stay away from them, I let them think they’re good…but I’m too old to do that anyway.”