Mike D’Antoni Wanted Lakers to Be Angrier About Nate Robinson’s Dunks (VIDEO)

by January 06, 2014

The Denver Nuggets ran into the perfect opponent to help them get out of their funk — the Los Angeles Lakers’ defense was once again atrocious in a 137-115 home loss on Sunday night. Nate Robinson, en route to 21 points, had a blast repeatedly hanging on the rim following dunks, which got under head coach Mike D’Antoni’s skin (though that didn’t necessarily apply to his players.) Per the LA Daily News:

“I coached Nate. That’s Nate,” D’Antoni said, reflecting on his time with the New York Knicks. “You shrug your shoulders and go on. If I was a player I would have some thoughts. Since I’m sitting over there, it’s hard to do anything.”

D’Antoni was certainly livid with Robinson when he attempted a three-pointer on an opposing team’s basket after time expired. But the Lakers hardly reacted much to Robinson’s taunts at the rim. Then again, the Lakers hardly reacted much on defense for most of the game.

“No one is going to feel sorry for us,” D’Antoni said. “Teams are going to come in and kick us. At a certain point, you have to fight.”