Mike Woodson Wants Carmelo Anthony Focused on the Season Not Free Agency

by October 18, 2013

The specter of Carmelo Anthony’s impending free agency will hang over the New York Knicks’ season like a dark cloud. Nevertheless, head coach Mike Woodson wants his superstar to only think about the task at hand. Per Newsday: “Absolutely,’ Anthony said. ‘This is something that when that time comes during the offseason I will definitely explore. Does that mean I’m not coming back to New York? Not at all. But it’s definitely an opportunity I’m willing to explore and experience … but that not whatsoever means that I’m not coming back to New York or I don’t want to be here in New York. At the end of the day, I don’t want to go anywhere, I don’t plan on going anywhere. But when that time comes, I’ll deal with that situation.’ […] The Lakers will have money, and Kobe Bryant is a good friend of Anthony’s. Also, Anthony wants to be in a big market, and his wife, actress LaLa Vasquez, often works in Los Angeles. The Lakers could pursue another Anthony pal, LeBron James, if he opts out in Miami. But Anthony acknowledged that speculation about him and the Lakers makes sense. ‘What other team would they say?’ Anthony said. ‘I don’t think they would say any other team. If you look at situations, that’s the only team that they probably would say.’ […] Coach Mike Woodson said he’s not concerned about Anthony’s future being a distraction for him or the team, but he wants Anthony to focus on this season. ‘If he’s going to test it, he’s got to test it,’ Woodson said of free agency. ‘That’s on him. But at this point he’s got to worry about this season and this season only because that’s what’s staring him in the face.’ Woodson said he expects Anthony to remain a Knick. ‘I don’t see him leaving,’ he said. ‘That’s just my thought.'”