Muggsy Bogues’ 5th Grade Grandson Can Hoop (VIDEO)

Must be in the genes.
by September 24, 2015

Muggsy Bogues is one of those NBA players whose legacies extend far beyond the actual numbers that they put on the floor. At just 5-foot-3, he dazzled fans at Wake Forest before finding himself selected in the first round of the ’87 NBA Draft. Starting for one of the league’s most popular franchises in the early 90’s, Muggsy helped make the purple and teal of the Hornets fly to wear. His nearly 7,000 points and 7,000 dimes over his NBA career were impressive, but more importantly, he gave hope to every sub 6-foot guard that they could be the next Muggsy Bogues. Now, his Grandson is following in his footsteps.

Samartine Bogues is already approaching his Grandpa’s height, despite just starting the fifth grade. The 4-foot-6 point guard is making waves in Baltimore, where Muggsy was a legend at Dunbar High. Affectionately nicknamed “Fatman”, he has a devastating handle that allows him to create his own shot against most of his peers and can already bomb from well beyond the three point line. Running with Baltimore’s Finest and Team Thrill (Will Barton’s new squad) on the AAU circuit, Samartine has already spent a considerable amount of time balling against some of the nation’s finest in his age group and appears to be putting in the work to carry on the family legacy in the Charm City.

Big thanks to MiddleSchoolHoops for the video.