Nahziah Carter, Jay-Z’s Nephew, Dominates at Crawsover League

by August 14, 2017
Nahziah Carter

Jamal Crawford‘s pro-am Crawsover League is a rite of passage for Pacific Northwest ballers and while Nahziah Carter isn’t from the area, Seattle basketball fans will definitely get used to hearing his name and watching his game for the next few years.

Carter, a three-star Class of 2017 recruit who is more well-known as Jay-Z’s nephew, is from upstate New York but committed to play for the Washington Huskies back in June. He made a pretty good first impression against one of Seattle’s proudest sons, dropping 42 points against Crawford’s team at the Crawsover over the weekend.

At 6-6 with a slim 185-pound frame, Carter has a really versatile game and, as you can see in the video above, can score in a bunch of different ways. Crawford, who’s 20 years older than him, holds his own with a casual triple-double but Nahziah stole the show.

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Video courtesy of Ballislife