Videos: Wednesday’s Top 25 Plays

by December 29, 2011


With 10 games on the schedule last night, narrowing down the top plays this morning was fairly difficult. If one wanted to, he or she could assemble a “top plays” solely using film of the Miami Heat. Between LeBron’s blocks, Chris Bosh’s ferocious dunks and Wade’s game-winner, Miami had around 10 plays that were worthy of making the cut. But, as mentioned, there were nine other games last night. That’s 19 other teams, all loaded with NBA talent. So, as it’s been since opening day, our highlight reel this afternoon is nothing short of spectacular. We’ve got 25 plays, with some rookie tape from Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight, a plethora of put-back dunks from DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee, Rudy Gay and others, the aforementioned Miami Heat Show, Monta and Amar’e dazzling in Golden State, and a bunch of other great plays from around the League. There’s six games on the dial tonight, all of which are enticing. The winless Mavs and undefeated Thunder face off in a Western Conference Finals rematch on TNT, followed by the Knicks and Lakers. Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans face off in Sacramento, and we’ve got a battle of undefeateds as Denver travels to Rip City to take on the Blazers. Until then, peep the best of the best from last night above. Eldon Khorshidi