Nick Young Ejected For Elbowing Steven Adams in the Throat (VIDEO)

by December 20, 2014

Lakers guard Nick Young threw an elbow at the throat of Steven Adams in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 104-103 loss to the Thunder on Friday. Young was charged with a Flagrant 2 and an automatic ejection, prompting Swaggy P to call Adams “a sneaky dirty player,” a now-common retort about the Thunder big man.

Per the Oklahoman:

“He did that last year to me,” Young said on Friday night. “I got a tech on the same person. It’s not my first rodeo with him.”


And what exactly did Adams do?


“He had my arm caught up,” Young explained. “That’s all I had was my right hand. You didn’t see all that. Like I said, he knows all the tricks and trades, but if you look carefully, he had my whole left arm locked in for the whole play.”


“Just little hits here and there,” Young continued. “When they’re coming off screens, he’ll stick his knee out and stuff like that. I’m not here to tell on him or anything like that. He’s doing his job. He did his job today to get me out of the game. That’s what they put him in the game to do.”