Nike Basketball Presents Kobe Bryant: ‘Be Courageous’ (VIDEO)

by January 18, 2016

As Kobe Bryant’s illustrious NBA career comes to a close this season, Nike Basketball is looking back at his greatest moments with some help from two-time Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist Robert Glasper, who created an original song to embody all things Kobe, from start to finish. It’s called“Be Courageous,” and you can think of it as the soundtrack to Kobe’s career, including all the high notes and even some of the low.

The song also connects to the KOBE 11 BHM 4468 shoe, part of Nike’s 2016 BHM collection. Watch the video above to see the creative process behind the track, and listen to the full song below:

For more details on the song and the significance of some of the specific musical choices, head over to Nike.