Only God Can Save Your Ball Handling!


Earlier this summer, we had the chance to catch up with God Shammgod as he worked out. The former Providence College and one-time Washington Wizard’s point guard was home China and Croatia, where he played this past season and previous ten. However, at the PAL on 142nd street in Harlem, “Shamm” looked as if he was getting ready to play in an NBA game the next night.

We’d run an excellent feature by Alan Paul in 2007, updating our readers on whatever happened to one of the best point guards not in the NBA. After being waived by the Wizards in ’98, Shamm headed overseas (Poland, Arabia, Venezuela and China) where he’s made a very good living for himself and his family.

The story was excellent and well received. Paul, who lives in China and has spent a lot of time with Shamm there, brought me back a bit when every kid in New York was trying to do the “Shammgod.” It was odd that a guy who wasn’t in the NBA and wasn’t connected to something like AND1 gained such a reputation without a jump-shot. It was all in his ball handling skills.

With that, our man Mousy from the Tri State Classic got put us in touch with Shamm for a little clinic in handling the rock. In this latest edition of our online video series “Skillz,” Shamm breaks down his routine and his secrets to a great handle. Hope you can keep up. – MATT CAPUTO