Orlando Magic Cheerleader Falls on Her Head (VIDEO)

by November 14, 2012

A cheerleader for the Orlando Magic plummeted to the floor during a botched routine, landing on her head. Following a delay, she was able to waive to the crowd as she was carted off the court, and taken to a local hospital. Per the AP:  “A cheerleader and stunt team member is in stable condition after falling on her head during a performance at an Orlando Magic game. In a statement released by the Magic on Wednesday, the family of 31-year-old Jamie Woode says she suffered three vertebrae fractures and a broken rib. But there were no signs of neurological damage and she’s expected to make a full recovery. Woode lost her footing and fell to the floor during a routine between the first and second quarter of the Magic’s 99-89 loss to the New York Knicks on Tuesday night.”