Paul George Conflicted Between L.A. and OKC in Free Agency

by June 29, 2018

Paul George says he’s conflicted between choosing the Lakers and Thunder during his free agency this summer.

George tells Dwyane Wade he always dreamed of wearing the Lakers’ Purple and Gold, but at the same time, he feels good about continuing to go to war with Russell Westbrook in OKC.

The 28-year-old superstar can ink either a short-term deal with OKC or sign a five-year max contract paying him roughly $176 million.

Per The Oklahoman (via PG’s ESPN series “Paul George: My Journey”):

“I want to be a champion,” George told Wade as the two sipped wine in Los Angeles. “In a way, it’s like, I want to come here, I want to play for the home team and put a Laker jersey on. That’s always gonna be something that I want to fulfill. But at the same time, it’s like, what’s the best move, though? I know who I am as a player. I just want to help the team win. And I feel comfortable doing so with Russ (Westbrook).”

George listed other possibilities — Boston and the Clippers — but the seven-minute episode focused largely on his love for the Lakers and the pursuit by the Thunder to keep him in Oklahoma City.

“When I first fell in love with the game and I’m outside playing in front of the house, I’m not picturing myself in an Indiana jersey or picturing myself in a Thunder jersey,” said George, who played his first seven seasons for the Pacers. “I pictured myself in a Lakers jersey.”

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