Rajon Rondo Says He’s One of the Three Best Players in the NBA (VIDEO)

by December 09, 2014

Various Boston Celtics were asked to pick the NBA’s top players, and most chose the usual suspects (LeBron James and Kevin Durant.)

The ever-confident and mischievous Rajon Rondo, naturally, went with himself as the L’s best player, followed by ‘Bron and KD.


As you can see from the segment, which recently aired on CSNNE but appears to have been filmed during the preseason, there is far from a consensus on who slots in at that third spot.


Kobe Bryant joined James and Durant on Marcus Thornton’s and James Young’s lists. Evan Turner chose pre-broken leg Paul George. Marcus Smart admitted “the third one is up for grabs right now.”


But the most interesting response came from the Celtics’ best player, Rajon Rondo. […] “The top three NBA players in the league right now,” the point guard said, “I would have to say Rajon Rondo, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.”