Robert Horry Says Charles Barkley Didn’t Like To Practice, Didn’t Work Hard (VIDEO)

by June 09, 2015

The “Clutch City” Rockets won the ’94 and ’95 NBA Championships, but were swept in the playoffs the following season by the Sonics. So in 1996, Houston traded a four-player package including Robert Horry to the Suns in exchange for Charles Barkley, hoping to form a “Big Three” of Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and Barkley.

Horry is still a little bitter about the way things went down with his exit from Houston. Recently he sat down for an interview with HuffPost Live and talked about that trade.

“Now they bring in Barkley, a guy who doesn’t like to practice, a guy who doesn’t work hard,” Horry says in the video above. “And you would have added us to the mix so it’s two vets and two young, we would’ve had a great team. But no, they think, ‘we’re going to bring in Charles.’ But hell you just realize Charles didn’t win anything in Phoenix, he didn’t win anything in Philly. And sometimes, you know, great players don’t make a great team better.”