SLAM Week in Review: Marijuana Debate In The NBA

by December 10, 2016
steve kerr

Marijuana use has been a hot topic in the NBA recently. With Warriors head coach Steve Kerr saying that he used medical marijuana while rehabbing his back last season and Knicks president Phil Jackson saying that players actively smoke marijuana during the NBA season, some have wondered if the League will eventually legalize marijuana use.

In other news, LeBron James announced that he will not stay in hotels owned by US President-elect Donald Trump during the season. LeBron explained that his decision is simply a “personal preference,” and not some sort of protest, though.

And lastly, Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings could be in legal trouble for their involvement in a nightclub incident in New York City. A pair of club-goers are suing Barnes and Cousins over an alleged fight.

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