Slamadaday: Al Thornton on Solomon Jones

Al Thornton gave the Clippers/Hawks game a lot more T.M.V. than it should have. It isn’t easy to accrue, but the great thing about T.M.V. it is you don’t have to be on a winning team to get some. As a matter of fact, the Thunder are far above the Jazz in this category, who they beat last night. It can also add up for players, and some of the T.M.V. leaders play in struggling NBA cities such as Memphis, New York, Chicago and Charlotte. Sure, the best games will always get a fair amount of it, whether it’s deserved or not, but the beauty is T.M.V. can come from anywhere, any time.

So what’s this T.M.V. stand for? You probably guessed it. Text Message Value. This is how we measure hype today.