Steph Curry Scores 51 Points, Leads Warriors to Comeback Win Over Mavericks (VIDEO)

by February 05, 2015

First, the numbers: 51 points, 16-26 from the field, 10-16 (!) from behind the 3-point line, 26 points in the third quarter, all of which led the Warriors to a 128-114 home win Tuesday over the Mavericks. At one point in the first half Golden State trailed by 22 points. That, though, was before Curry went off. No player is more fun to watch in the NBA, and when he’s in the zone like the one he was in here, well, no player leaves opponents feeling so helpless, either. Just check out the deflated faces of the Mavericks as Curry shoots over them and drives around them and hits these crazy shots that human beings aren’t supposed to be able to hit.