Stephen Curry Aiming to Return in First Round of the Playoffs

by March 26, 2018

Stephen Curry hopes to prove Steve Kerr‘s proclamation that “there’s no way” the two-time MVP will play in the first round of the playoffs wrong.

Curry has a left knee Grade 2 MCL sprain, and the Golden State Warriors will re-evaluate him in three weeks.

Curry returned from a six-game absence due to a right ankle injury Friday night only to hurt his left knee.

Per the AP:

On Sunday, Curry limped up a couple of stairs to the podium for his news conference but didn’t need crutches, saying, “It’s nice that I’m walking and not limited with crutches or anything like that, so that’s a positive.

“Based on what I’ve been told, three weeks is a good kind of benchmark to re-evaluate and re-assess kind of where I’m at in my progress and whatnot, so mentally for me staying positive, staying upbeat, hopefully I prove what Coach said was wrong and put myself in position to get back as soon as possible,” Curry said. “Right now, who knows, just try to do my job in the rehab process and get back as soon as I can. Control my presence with the team and everything to help any way I can when I’m not on the floor.”

This time, he said his first thought, jokingly, was, “Thank God it’s not my ankle.” Fans figured as much and hollered, “Where are the high tops?”

“I just try to stay positive. There’s a blessing in all of this. There’s hopefully going to be a story in all of this,” Curry said. “At the end of the day I’ll have an opportunity to get back on the court hopefully before our season’s over with and do what I can to help our team win a championship. And that’s really all I’m focused on right now. It’s just going to take a different shape than I expected going into the season let alone going into this last stretch of the year.”