Stephen Curry Says Chris Paul Fouled Him on Last Shot (VIDEO)

by April 25, 2014

Chris Paul appeared to step on Steph Curry’s foot while forcing him into a last-second miss in Game 3. An understandably salty Curry said the refs blew it by not calling a foul. Per USA Today:

Curry stayed on the court afterward to plead his case with official Ken Mauer, then shared his frustration afterward when asked if it was definitely a foul.

“Hundred percent,” said Curry, who had 16 points (5-for-12 shooting) and 15 assists in 43 minutes. “I feel like that. Obviously (the officials) didn’t feel like that, so I’m not going to complain about it. I thought if a guy is going up to shoot the ball, and you have a forearm body contact on the jump, that’s usually a foul.

“I’m sure they were looking at my release, to see if he hit my arm. But there was a lot more going on than that. They probably didn’t want to have a conversation. All they said was ‘I didn’t think you got hit there.’ It felt like (he was also hit on the arm), but I knew I got hit on the body. That’s why I was off-balance.

“That’s my go-to move is the stepback. I don’t shoot airballs very often.”

Warriors coach Mark Jackson added, “Well, he’s supposed to be able to land. Clearly he wasn’t able to. I’m not looking for an apology (from the NBA) tomorrow though.”

Paul, predictably, dodged the topic.

“I knew who was getting (the ball), and I figured he was going to shoot it,” he said. “So I just tried to make him as uncomfortable as possible, and we won the game.”