Stephen Jackson’s Must-Watch Visit With The Breakfast Club (VIDEO)

by September 25, 2012

As is well known (and as XXL detailed recently), Stephen Jackson morphs into a full-time rapper in the off-season. Recently, rhyming took Jackson, AKA Stak5, to The Breakfast Club, a popular radio show on NYC’s Power 105.1. While all of Stak’s interviews are must-listens, this one is especially so, as he dishes on not playing any basketball in the summer (“I ain’t worked out in my whole career [in the off-season].”), on how most players are wack rappers (“They all wack.”), on how he no longer has a relationship with Ron Artest (“I lost $3 million behind that. It wasn’t no thank you or nothing.”), on what happened in the strip club (“I had a license, and I did what I had to do to help my teammates. We made it home.”), and much, much more.