#TBT: Baron Davis

The PG leads Golden State to an upset in Dallas.
by December 18, 2014

All of this dominant Western Conference play has everybody thinking about a potential 1-8 upset in the opening round of the postseason. What if the Warriors win 65 games but draw OKC first? What if the Thunder finish higher up, pushing, say, the Spurs into the 8th seed? There’s so little separation between the West’s playoff teams, it’s hard to imagine there not being a first-round “upset.”

Anyway, the idea of a top dog falling in Round One will forever evoke memories of the Dubs knocking the Mavs off in ’07. The series kicked off with a Baron Davis-led win in Dallas, as seen above. Final line: 33 points, 14 boards, 8 assists, 3 steals & countless backbreakers.