#TBT: Dikembe Mutombo

Deke stuffs the world.
by December 03, 2015

The Hawks retired Dikembe Mutombo’s jersey just before Thanksgiving. Deke will officially now go down as the best No. 55 in Hawks history (no offense to Jordan Crawford), and is probably the best No. 55 of all-time, anywhere—it’s either Deke or White Chocolate (shouts to Quentin Richardson with the ’13 Knicks though.

Anyway, the NBA compiled a quick highlight reel of Mutombo’s best moments, which, as you mighta guessed, is basically 65 seconds of him jamming on and/or stuffing your favorite ’90s players and then wagging his finger at them.

[SPOILER ALERT: At the end, he literally blocks a dude while wagging his finger at him for having already just blocked him.]