#TBT: Lamar Odom

A spry Lamar Odom swishing and dishing (and rebounding) for the Clippers.
by July 16, 2015

Lamar Odom’s career fizzled quickly after his half-trade to New Orleans in the 2011 Chris Paul/David Stern fiasco. The two disappointing seasons (and off-the-court issues) that followed the non-deal spoiled a smooth landing into retirement, but No. 7 spent more than a decade as one the League’s most unique stars.

Odom was a true point-forward. Not an unselfish PF, not a big dude who could pass off the elbow, not an oversized guard, but rather some sort of lanky score-dish-board hybrid—the type that hardly ever delivers on its potential.

He was a threat to do anything on any night. During a four-game stretch in March of his rookie season, Odom produced the following lines: 10 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists; 29/14/7; 25/4/9; 21/10/10. A month later, Odom closed the season out in style: 33 points (14/15 FT), 14 boards, 7 dimes, 4 blocks, a steal and a three as the Clippers won in Seattle. That’s the Odom you’ll catch above.