#TBT: Patrick Ewing

Every now and then, your beloved SLAM Staff gets together to ball. Tuesday night was one of those times.

I debuted a new pair of Patrick Ewing’s Attitude High Tops — sort of a funky choice for a dude who lives off of corner threes and hasn’t stepped foot in the paint since ’97, but it musta been fate. Midway through our first game, somebody pointed out that Tuesday night was, in fact, Ewing’s birthday. The very next day, I was handed the keys to the newest addition to SLAMonline: #TBT.

Going forward, this will be a tribute to the all-time greats as well as the old fan favorites. Once a week, every week.

Naturally, I only had one guy in mind to help us launch: No. 33.

Watch as Ewing drops a career-high 51 on the C’s, who still feature Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. (Disclaimer: At this point, Bird no longer has his mullet, and therefore, lacks about half of his superpowers.)

Happy belated, big guy!