#TBT: Penny Hardaway

Penny scores again and again and again...
by December 11, 2014

For three or four years after he entered the League, Penny Hardaway was simply amazing. He was the perfect wingman for Shaq, and a superstar in his own right.

He had an unreal collection of post moves for a point guard, and lightning quick feet let him get to the rim at will.

Actually, scratch that — he couldn’t just get there at will… I’m pretty sure the phrase “getting to the rim at will” was invented to describe Penny. There was just no stopping him if he wanted to attack the bucket, and he seemed to finish every damn time.

I usually remember Hardaway for behind-the-back passes and huge jams, so I loved the above video, which is just a ridiculous compilation of him blowing by dudes and scoring in the post.