#TBT: Tracy McGrady vs. Gilbert Arenas

Dominant scorers go bucket-for-bucket.
by October 02, 2014

Rewind a decade, long before Tracy McGrady made a run at Cy Young and Gilbert Arenas’ career went international. T-Mac and Agent 0 were lethal scorers—dudes with the rare ability to drop 30 or 40 night after night after night without slowing down. The ’03-04 season was statistically the greatest of McGrady’s career. He averaged 32 points (46 percent, 2.3 threes) with 6.5 boards, 5.5 dimes and nearly 2 steals per contest. Meanwhile, Arenas was opening eyes in his first season with the Wiz, posting a cool 20, 5 and 5 in his third NBA season.

Orlando and Washington were pretty bad that year (neither broke 25 wins, actually, but that’s neither here nor there), but had a legendary battle late in the season nonetheless. Enjoy watching two of this century’s great scorers go at it. (Here’s the box score.)