Terrence Ross on Raptors’ Playoff Hopes (VIDEO)

by Tracy Weissenberg / @basketballista

The Raptors have a lot to look forward to. Toronto was named All-Star host for 2016. Grammy-winning artist Drake is the franchise’s new global ambassador and Masai Ujiri, Executive of the Year last season with Denver, is the GM with the task of ending the Raptors’ five-year playoff drought.

Terrence Ross, the eighth overall pick in 2012, averaged just over six points in 17 minutes last season. He currently plays behind wings DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay, who both averaged over 18 points last season.

Ross says everyone’s main goal is the Playoffs, and expresses satisfaction with ending last season on a five-game win streak. While Ross may have to wait his turn to play big minutes, the Raptors are hoping it will be in meaningful games.