Terry Rozier: Celtics ‘Better Matchup’ for the Warriors

by June 06, 2018

Celtics guard Terry Rozier says Boston is a “better matchup” in the NBA Finals for the Golden State Warriors than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rozier argues that his team has more defensive options to throw at the defending champs.

The Cavs survived a seven-game war against Boston, and is down 0-2 to the Dubs.


Although bias certainly is a factor in this opinion, Terry Rozier explained his reasoning during Tuesday’s edition of “First Take” on ESPN.

“I’m not taking nothing away from the Cavs, but we got a lot of guys that can switch off the ball and stuff like that,” Rozier said.

“Our communication is key for us and that’s something we valued all year. I feel like we’d be a better matchup for them.”

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