Terry Rozier Vows to Dunk on LeBron James Next Season

by May 28, 2018

Terry Rozier‘s ill-advised dunk attempt on LeBron James in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals backfired in spectacular fashion, as James swatted his shot into oblivion.

Rozier remains undaunted, and has enough irrational confidence to believe he’ll put LeBron on a poster next season.

Fittingly, “wait until next year” is the Boston Celtics’ motto heading into 2018-19.

Per the Boston Globe:

Winning in May and June is not supposed to be easy, and it rarely is, even for legends in the making.

“The pain,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said afterward, “is part of the path.”

The Celtics could have won. They probably should have won. They played poorly on offense and they lost. That’s going to sting until next year is here.