The 15 Best McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest Performances (VIDEOS)

by April 02, 2013
15. Amar'e Stoudemire, 2002

by Daniel Friedman / @DFried615

The McDonald’s High School All American Jam Fest has been a spectacle of the highest-flying up-and-coming ball players in the country since its inception at the Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia in 1987. In dramatic fashion, the Jam Fest produces lasting memories of future stars when they’re merely kids with skills that haven’t fully developed just yet. When those players go on to become pros, sometimes, the memories fade. On the heels of this year’s great dunk contest (which we intentionally left off this list—let us know in the comments where you think it fits), we look back at 15 legendary performances from the competition that you shouldn’t soon forget.