The Greatest Internet Video Of All Time

by Lang Whitaker

This all started a few weeks ago with a post by J.E. Skeets over at The Basketball Jones. Skeets was watching Raptors TV when they showed the Atlanta Hawks team video from back in 1986. The song is called “Nothing Can Stop Us,” and as a kid in Atlanta back in the day, it was dope. Looking at it now, it’s obviously highly derivative of Huey Lewis and the News, but back then, who knew?

Anyway, the video didn’t exist on Youtube, and these days if it’s not on Youtube, it might as well have never happened, right?

So I made some calls, did some digging, and the DVD showed up here this morning. We’ve been rushing around all morning to get this online asap.

Here it is, Atlanta’s Air Force. Enjoy the glory of Koncak’s pre-surgical jaw, of Doc Rivers imitating Stevie Wonder, of John Battle’s complex choreography, of the smoked lenses in Randy Wittman’s sunglasses.

I’ll do a post later on in The Links breaking this down. For now, enjoy…

(By the way, there’s a few seconds of dead air at the beginning — didn’t have time to edit that out. Stick with it and crank it up!)