Thon Maker Involved in Massive FIBA Brawl

Milwaukee Bucks center Thon Maker was launching flying kicks in a massive brawl between Australia and the Philippines in a FIBA World Cup qualifying game.

This was Maker’s second game with the national team.

The ruckus was triggered by an elbow during Australia’s blowout win.

Per the Journal Sentinel:

Then, with one thrown elbow by Philippines player June Mar Fajardo, the contest turned into an all-out melee. Punches and chairs were thrown as players and spectators alike got involved in a brawl that spilled off the court.

After toppling a pile, Maker was punched in the back of the head by Terrence Bill Romeo of the Philippines. Maker responded by charging at Romeo and kicking at him with his left leg. The kick did not connect — it’s unclear if Maker intended to inflict damage — and Maker kept his momentum moving away from the fight.

Thirteen players were ejected — four from Australia, including Maker, and nine from the Philippines. The game actually continued, with the Philippines forced to play with just three players. When Philippines captain Gabe Norwood fouled out, it left just one player available for the Philippines. That’s when the game was stopped, resulting in an 89-53 victory for Australia.