Top 10 Plays of Lance Stephenson’s Career (VIDEO)

by August 06, 2015

You might think we’re supposed to be unbiased. Nah, forget all that. Lance Stephenson is easily one of our favorite players in the NBA. Videos like the one above only reinforce that opinion.

Who else in the League has a mixtape of Top 10 career plays that’s as diverse and more importantly, as much fun to watch?

Fresh off being traded to the Clippers, dropping a brand new rap single and making an epic surprise appearance at an NYC streetball game, we take a look at the top 10 plays in his NBA career, thanks to the work of one genius YouTube user.

We have a few gripes with the countdown, like the omission of this vicious crossover on Anthony Tolliver last season, but damn if those 10 plays aren’t dope, too.