’10-11’s Top 25 Buzzer-Beaters

We know it’s well past the season’s actual halfway mark, but All-Star break tends to be the official point when NBA analysts and fans take a second and pause for some mid-season reflection. So we decided there was no better time than now (and this entire week, for that matter) to look back at some of 2010-11’s best moments to date.

What follows are the past few months of pro hoops’ illest buzzer-beaters, with one strict rule: zero time can remain on the clock after the shot. Any end-of-quarter shot qualifies, but, naturally, bonus points were given to those that won games, forced overtime, and so forth. And yeah, there have been many more than 25 buzzer-beaters thus far, so there’s a decent chance your favorite player’s craziest toss-up isn’t on our list. By all means, let us know what we missed in the comment section, and be sure to check back all week for more of ’10-11’s wildest plays. (UPDATE: Including the Top 25 dunks of ’10-11 and Top 10 crossovers of ’10-11.)