Top 40 Dunks: Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

The last time SLAM sat down and made an official “Greatest Dunkers of All Time” list, Kobe was No. 15 and Jordan was No. 2. But that was eight years ago.

This video doesn’t confirm or deny our assertion. It should be noted that the creator is a Kobe fan, but he’s not saying that Kobe is a better dunker than Michael or Michael is better than Kobe. He merely presents the evidence — the majority of the two’s greatest NBA dunks are here, and in good quality too — and asks, Who gave the rim more pain?

The similarities are striking, but this video highlights how drastically different the two were in the air. Kobe has more explosiveness, but Jordan has more hangtime and in-traffic pounds. You could feasibly pick any Jordan dunk to include in this list. Kobe has a smaller, but deadly, Hall of Fame. Watch the countdown and tell us: Were we right?