Top Two PGs Face Off: Trevon Duval vs. Collin Sexton

The top two ranked point guards in the Class of 2017 clashed at the Holiday Hoopsgiving showcase in Atlanta.
by November 26, 2016

When elite high school events bring marquee matchups to fans and scouts, more often than not, they don’t come to fruition. Whether it be foul trouble, players not matched up, or stars simply not playing well, it’s rare that you see these battles live up to the hype. This was not the case.

In front of a sold out crowd at Holiday Hoopsgiving in Atlanta, the top two PG’s in the country had one of the best battles of the last few years. Ultimately, it was Duval and IMG that walked away with the dub, but both players definitely showed out. Trevon finished with 24 points, 6 dimes, and 5 steals. Sexton went for 39 and 5 boards on a super efficient 11-18 from the field and 12-13 from the line. This was expected.

“I knew he was gunnin’ for 40,” Duval said with a laugh after the game. “He played good and did everything I expected him to do.‎”

He added “One shot he hit was kind of surprising. He came off a ball screen, was double teamed, two guys were in his face with their hands straight up….and he knocked it down. He’s a tough player and a tough kid.”

Despite the fact that they were up in each other’s grill throughout the game, the soft spoken Sexton also showed mad love to the super shifty Duval after catching a tough L.

“He just kept pushing me and I just kept pushing him. We just kept pushing each other,” Sexton explained post-game. “We was going at it all game. You can’t take nothing away from him.”

Big thanks to Ballislife East for the video and Ty Freeman for the photos