Tracy McGrady Says Kevin Durant Would Crush Russell Westbrook In One-On-One

Paparazzi caught up with Tracy McGrady after the Golden State Warriors’ 122-96 throttling of the OKC Thunder.

T-Mac answered a litany of silly questions, including, “Who do you think would win: Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook, one-on-one?” McGrady didn’t even need a moment to think.

“C’mon, is that even fair? Durant is 7-foot, bro.”

The paparazzo continued to push the one-on-one narrative by asking about Stephen Curry vs LeBron James. T-Mac looked appalled that such a question would be asked.

“That’s not even fair. Steph Curry is 6-3, LeBron is 6-8, 270. I don’t give a damn how good [Curry[ can shoot. LeBron is a big boy, man.”

McGrady said he’s not worried at all about the Thunder, pointing out that OKC was on the second game of a back-to-back.

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