Video: A Finish to Remember – Bulls at Heat

The two overtimes… The barrage of Gordon threes… The ally from Wade to Beasley… Another ally from Wade to Moon… The Tyrus Thomas putback slam… Brad Miller almost crying… Joakim Noah holding his head on the floor… This was one of those finishes where, even after watching the entire game, you can’t wait to see the highlights.

It goes without saying that Maxamillion put together the best recap you’ll find–on the television, internet or otherwise. Here’s what Max had to say about what turned out to be one of the season’s most classic battles: “Now I am not a Heat fan by any stretch. But I just had a feeling about this game so I watched it and my goodness, one of the best finishes all year by far. I just had to make this video. Since the game went into 2 overtimes, I wanted to make this video a bit more epic so it is longer than most of my videos in the series.”

DWade’s on an MVP mission. It’s too bad the implacable odds are working against him.