Video: A Finish to Remember — Knicks at Blazers

by February 09, 2009

There are many talented amateur mixers out there. Without question, some of the work they produce is of higher quality than what you’ll see on a local broadcast. We knew Maxa was good, but little did we know he would make mix making history when the Nets aired his “Finish to Remember: Hawks/Nets Edition” on a live Nets telecast last month. Not only does Maxamillion’s achievement present a tidal wave of a paradigm shift among the mix making hobbyists, he’s set the bar extremely high for other graphically inclined basketball enthusiasts.

As Maxa continues with his Finish to Remember series, he–at his normal breakneck pace–produced another thriller, which captures the drama of last night’s stunning game between the Knicks and the Blazers. In terms of the art of mix making, Maxamillion is to the hobby as Brandon Roy is to the NBA. We’ll be watching the young man’s graphic career take off, not unlike how the young Blazers are taking huge steps toward the League’s elite.

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