Video: Agent D3 in the ‘Escape’

by December 24, 2010

Last we saw Agent D3 (Dwyane Wade) he had just met up with H (Kevin Hart) and was gearing up to take on a host of rivals in his quest for an NBA Championship.

In this second installment of the “Dominant Another Day,” Agent D3 is trapped and must escape from the Zen Master’s Lair in order to keep his hope of obtaining the elusive Championship Ring alive.

This spot opens with DWade tied down to a table with the Zen Master looming over him, hoping to end D3’s quest for the title. Wade calmly contacts “H” as he somehow uses only an earring and a basketball to escape his impending doom. The trouble doesn’t end there for Wade, though, as he must hurdle a snake pit and battle ninjas, all while H is unknowingly lecturing him on missing his holiday party.

This spot will air on Christmas Day as the Heat take on the Lakers on ABC.