Video: Clippers Angry Over Robin Lopez’s Flagrant Foul on Blake Griffin

Robin Lopez was kicked out of last night’s Clippers/Suns game in Phoenix, but following the tough loss, Blake Griffin and his teammates continued to steam over the hard foul. From the LA Times: “The Clippers were more angry about the strained neck Griffin suffered because of the play that got Lopez ejected than they were about not being able to execute late in the game. ‘You can push all the way up to that line. The line is pretty fine,’ Griffin said. ‘Once it gets crossed, it becomes real dangerous, I guess. But that’s the way it’s been going.’ […] ‘I don’t know what he said,’ Mo Williams said about Lopez. ‘I was mad about the whole thing. It just don’t make sense. You’re on the break and you want to stop it, beat him down the court and put your body in front of him. And if he runs down the court and beats you and you can’t get to him, you can’t get to him.’ Griffin was asked if he felt Lopez crossed that line. He paused before answering the question. Griffin had missed a potential game-tying three-pointer as time expired, another sore point for him. ‘I’ll let every individual be the judge of that,’ Griffin said. ‘I know what I felt and I know what the impact of the play was.’ […] The Clippers dropped one game behind the third-place Lakers in the Western Conference playoff race and are 11/2 games ahead of fifth-place Memphis. The Clippers also have lost 10 straight games on the road to the Suns, last winning in Phoenix April 17, 2007. None of that mattered to the Clippers. They are tired of Griffin getting beat up by opponents. ‘[Suns Coach] Alvin Gentry told me to tell Blake that they don’t stand for that,’ Chris Paul said. ‘I don’t know what Lopez was thinking. I actually went to the ref and asked if they could keep him in the game rather than not get ejected. He didn’t want to get dunked on so he decided to do something crazy.'”