Video: Coach Doc Rivers Runs, Saves A Possession

by June 07, 2010

With the shot clock winding down and the Celtics nursing a small lead with under two minutes to go, Doc Rivers made one of the best plays of Game 2, running onto the court to get a timeout request acknowledged by the refs. As Chris Forsberg reports: “[Doc Rivers]was already a couple of feet on the court motioning for a timeout when, as if tripped by an imaginary string near the 3-point line in front of the Boston bench, he stumbled toward the circle as the timeout call was awarded. Brian Scalabrine, inactive with the return of Marquis Daniels, spilled onto the court behind his coach, clutching his shoulders in celebration of the move. Garnett followed with a hard high-five and an even more emphatic shoulder bump that sent Rivers stumbling again. Then came the laughter. ‘He claimed that he’s in shape, and, when he ran out there, we told him he looked like he wasn’t in shape,’ Allen said with a smile. ‘You guys have got to give him a hard time about that. But he made it out there. So it definitely got us an extra possession.’ Added Rivers: ‘The guys got a kick out of that. It was funny. As big as that little moment was, I actually thought the bigger moment was all the players were laughing at me and it allowed them to breathe a little bit, and I thought that helped us.'”