Video: Delonte vs. Big Baby Dance-Off

by October 23, 2010

The Celtics have the prize as the most entertaining team in the L this season (thus far), as some may be surprised to admit. From CSN New England: “At the Celtics’ annual Shamrock Gala, the player answered the questions of fans in attendance. Most answered with words. Delonte West and Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis, however, elected to let their dance moves do the talking. Delonte went with the two-step, keeping it mello. At one point, he turned his back to the crowd and had his finger do the dancing in his back pocket. Baby countered with a more upbeat set of moves, shedding his sports coat and breaking into freestyle verse before team captain Paul Pierce cut him off. In the end, Delonte conceded the dance-off. ‘Hey brother, your moves is on another planet, brother,’ said West.”