Video: Delonte West T’d Up for Giving Gordon Hayward a ‘Wet Willie’

by April 17, 2012

A clearly frustrated Delonte West earned himself a technical foul during the Mavericks/Jazz game in Utah last night, in one of the more unique ways imaginable. West gave Gordon Hayward a “wet willie”, and gave some pretty hilarious answers when asked about it by reporters in the locker room following the game (via the Salt Lake Tribune, Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News): “I went over the line,’ West said. ‘I saw some lint in his hair, and I wanted to get it out for him. Seriously, we were like two warriors out there. But I forgot the NBA is a gentlemen’s game. They want us to battle and scrap, but they want us to do it nicely.’ […] ‘I was giving him a wet willie. That’s all.’ Asked about possibly receiving a fine or a suspension from the NBA, West said: ‘We are two warriors. We’re out here battling on the battlefield. I forgot the NBA is a gentleman’s game, so we have to fight and scrap and do it nicely. Everything is left on the court, though.’ […] ‘You get caught up in the emotions and it’s physical. You get caught in the moment sometimes.’ Asked if he was expecting a fine from the NBA, he said: ‘If they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. It’s just part of the game,’ he added. ‘I’m not disappointed in anything. We play as players and the refs ref. Everyone’s doing their best.’ West said he’s well aware of the line the NBA has drawn in terms of player conduct on the court. ‘The fines and stuff they put in place the last couple years, that line is like jumping off a cliff,’ he said.”