Video: Gilbert Arenas Explosive Dunk

by Ryne Nelson

It was a surprise appearance, but a welcome one this Friday at the Goodman League at Barry Farms Rec Center. Playing with the likes of ‘Dre Iguodala and QRich, Arenas reportedly stood out well above the rest.

In case you haven’t been following Arenas closely this summer, he’s been popping up at Pro Ams and tournaments, getting his run on, and the reports keep getting better. But words are one thing. It’s another to see it for yourself.

Watch ’til around 5:46, to see the New Gilbert. The Explosiveness. The Power. The Agility. It’s all there. So much that you have to wonder whether this truly is the same dude:

Always ready for the latest Arenas scoop, The Post‘s Michael Lee was there:

Arenas had 35 points, mostly on aggressive drives to the basket. He was surprisingly spry and springy, as he effortlessly attacked the rim for dunks. He had two-handed slams. He had a vicious tomahawk slam. He even dunked on someone. When was the last time you recall seeing Arenas dunking?

More impressive, he wasn’t wearing a knee brace or favoring his leg in any way. The explosion wasn’t all the way there, but it was close. After Arenas blew past two defenders to get to the basket and draw a foul, Rawls said, “Gil came out here tonight and I think we can safely say, the knee is fine. Looks like I’m going to have to renew my seats at the Verizon Center.

No knee brace. Attacking the basket. Agent Zero could finally be back next season. Just keep those fingers crossed.